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My passion for cooking began shortly after graduating from Florida State with a degree in Literature.  I didn't really know what I was going to do with my degree and so, in the meantime, I started working with some friends at Karl Mark's catering. I really enjoyed being in the kitchen, with good tunes playing, and picking up techniques from watching chef and owner Mark Suber.  As a newlywed, I wanted to try cooking a variety of recipes at home for my husband and our friends at get-togethers and enthusiastically bought a slew of cookbooks to expand my repertoire. As the years went by, I became a mother, a teacher and an FSU student again, working on my master's degree. Cooking remained a fun hobby and outlet for me and looking back, my most rewarding days of teaching involved themed projects which always incorporated food.   

Fast forward to about 8 years ago when I began doing some personal chef work and decided I was ready for larger events, so I started A-Rustic-Affair.  I specialize in a healthier style of cooking using mostly organic ingredients to create my versions of classic comfort dishes and simple fresh favorites.

Always interested in trying something new with my business, I thought a food truck would be a fitting direction for me to go.  I had started offering pre-ordered family meals a few years ago and a food truck would add more opportunities and convenience for myself and my clients.  Since opening my food truck in the spring of 2020, I have tried several paths to see what would be the best fit.  I am excited for the new Rustic Eats offerings for the fall, with a narrowed down menu of my favorite grilled handhelds including various melts, sausages and hot dogs.    

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